For cost-effective operation, every FM and TV station needs the maximum output of reliable performance for every Rupee of input. The only path between transmitter and the audience is Transmission line and the Antenna.

The history of SWR Inc. began in 1963 when the company served the United States broadcast industry by supervising RF installations and performing field warranty work.  

After installing and working with all types of rigid co axial lines, SWR found that most had inherent weaknesses in their design. In some case failure rate was as little as 2 to 5 years of service. This is what lead SWR to design and develop the Antennae and the transmission line, which were of high quality and reliability.

Today, SWR manufactures the FM Antenna, TV Antenna and the rigid lines and is the only company to offer 2 years warranty.

More than 50 no.’s tv & fm both side mount and panel type Antennas are serving India broadcasting industry govt. as well as in private sector.